Trends of Water Parks in Delhi is not new. Summer season is standing on the door with a loaded gun of scorching heat. However, the long rides of Delhi Water Parks are ready to make you surf upon them.

Water Parks are getting more amusing every day. They are transforming heavily every year. These parks are also integrating international rides, Boating, DJ, Advance gaming and much more for Family entertainment. If you are doing Job, then it may be hard for you to go at a hill station. But don’t worry you can feel that excitement.

List of Water Parks in Delhi Area

From Cheapest to Best we have covered all Water Parks in Delhi Area. It includes Delhi, Delhi NCR, Noida, Gurgaon. These 18 Water Parks are considered to best parks of Delhi Area. We are providing best offers and prices for them.

Worlds of Wonder

Worlds of wonder is Noida based water park which also has Go karting. There are 20 reverberating rides with a road show. Turbo Tunnel and Rapid Race is the centre of attraction of there.

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Delhi Eye

Delhi Eye has an excellent water park. It is a thrilling and exciting place to take your kids. They will drench with lots of splashes in each water ride. When they traverse the maze of amazing water rides, your kids will get a skin-soaking time.

The park has it all right from large wave pool to downhill waterslides for your kids to amuse. They will feel excited about the rain dance for sure.

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Just Chill Water Park

With a huge choice of water rides, it seems a single day is not enough in this water park. Right from Singh Dwar to wave pool, every place will refresh your mind. From colourful rides to enthralling water flow, there is something exciting for all.

Not only amusement park, but there is an edutainment park as well in this water park. Just plan to chill this weekend!

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Fun N Food Village

I will call it, a bonus venue. As it also has Adventure Park and amusement park attached. It is opened round the year except on Diwali Day. The water park will stay open from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm on all days. The amusement park will stay open from 3:30 pm to 6.30 pm. So, you can plan and take your kids to both parks on the same day.

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Splash-The Water Park

This water park spreads across an area of 5 acres of land. The park is in North Delhi at Alipur. This is a place that will relieve your pressure of city life.

Not only water rides, there are joy rides awaiting your family at this park.

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Drizzling Land

This is a complete fun park for adults and kids alike. The camp will give a new experience close to nature. Also, the biggest roller coaster in Delhi will help you reach the sky.

The park is standing tall at the Delhi-Meerut Road. The attractions in Water Park are rain dance, kids and family pool, multi-slide pool and wave pool.

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Apart from water and amusement park, there is a family lawn in this park. She is standing in Sikri Village on the main Mathura Road.

Your child, less than 3 feet of height, can get a free entry to this park. In this thrilling water cum amusement park, your family will get the best enjoyment.

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Fun Town

This amusement park is called as Fun Town Amusement and Water Park. It is on the Delhi-Rohtak highway. In Water Park, there is an attraction called Magic Twist. This is the first of its kind in entire north India. The other attractions are the multi lane, wave pools, fun cyclone, black tunnel, etc.

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Aapno Ghar Amusement Park

This is both an amusement park and a water park. There is also a resort attached to this park. Your family can gear up for an entire day of fun and excitement at this park. She is standing in the calm countryside of Gurgaon. The water-packed adventure will quench the heat this summer.

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Adventure Island

Adventure Island offers attractive summer deals for your family to save at present. Attractive deals for early birds, group deals, happy Tuesday, are also available. There are places to splash in water in this amusement park.

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Wet N Wild

This beautiful park comes with occupancy facilities. There are complete entertainment packages to choose from. The water park attached to Wetnwild Resorts will offer an excellent place to relax. You can turn your precious time into memorable time at this park for sure.

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This park stands with the pride of being the first amusement park in India. The former Prime Minister of India Mr Rajiv Gandhi inaugurated this park in 1984.  AppuGhar has many awards and accolades to its favour. Your family will get the best time in Water Park, rides, and also the best shopping experience here.

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Jurassic Park Inn

This park houses the biggest water cum amusement park in Delhi/NCR. The wave pool, kids pool, 70-feet high waterfall are great excitements. The spin and whirl, room box and Boogie-woogie will enthral your kids. In wave pool, you will experience waves of 3 feet height to quench the heat this summer.

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Entertainment City

Entertainment City spreads over an area of 147 acres of land. Once you enter this place, you have everything under a single roof. There is place to shop and also to entertain. It is an excellent weekend getaway place for sure. Appu Ghar operates this Entertainment City.

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Club Platinum Resort

The Club Platinum Report is one of its kinds in the entire West Delhi region. If you look for a way out of workload, heat and pollution, this is the place to visit. They will pamper you with hospitality and warmth through their resort. Also, you can beat the heat at the water park attached to the resort.

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Oysters Beach Water Park

Oysters Beach Water Park also operates under Appu Ghar, which houses many rides. To beat the heat this summer, there are monsoon mania, sky fall, whirlwind and many such thrills. The food court and also the gaming zone will bring the best entertainment for sure.

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